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Years of Industry experience







Our Certifications.

We are Certified

  • Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Standard offered by SGS International

  • Rated under the category of ICTAD EM-1 Grade by The Construction Industry Development Authority – (CIDA), Sri Lanka

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Our Solutions

  • AV

  • In today’s world, every company needs a fully integrated communications system. As the pioneer in Audio and Visual industry, we have the latest technology to empower your organization to unleash the power of team collaboration.

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  • Video Conferencing System

  • Improvements and innovations of Video Conferencing Technology have piloted the world forward in recent times. We take pride to leverage the advanced technologies in our country to empower the national drive of growth, especially during pandemic era.

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  • Auditorium & Concert Halls

  • With the leading megaprojects partnering with us, we take the first place in the industry for designing and implementing complete Interior, Acoustics, and ELV Services for Auditoriums, Cinemas, Colleges, and Multipurpose Halls that enables users to experience the best quality.

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  • Public Address

  • We provide you the advanced technologies to boost communication efficiency and effectiveness in Public Addressing with a quality experience. Our lineup has a combined solution of Audio and Visual to ensure the best message deliverance.

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  • Professional AudioSystem

  • Musicians invest immense efforts in perfecting their original music to deliver a masterpiece. Our products, together with the latest technology, ensure that these efforts are reproduced to the audience in the most emerging and engaging way.

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  • Broadcast Solutions

  • Innovations and sustainability are at the core of our business values. Adhering to this, we plan and implement Audio and Visual solutions for the broadcast and media industry that covers the entire value chain.

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  • LED/LCD VideoWalls

  • Visual base communication has the highest engagement value in this modern era. We offer a full range of cutting-edge products to seamlessly integrate and create the most advanced and creative video walls for any activation.

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  • Security Solutions

  • We are specialized in the Installation, Upgrading, Service, and Maintenance of Security Alarms, Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems, and 24-hour Alarm Monitoring Systems and Intercom systems. All our solutions are tailor-made to best address the end-user.

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  • Home / Building Automation Systems

  • Control your home lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, appliances, access control, and alarm systems by leveraging your internet connection with a single click. Make your home a smart home where you feel your true happiness.

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  • Digital SignageSystems

  • From single-screen to enterprise-wide solutions, we design a truly integrated digital signage system to meet your expectation assisting you with the full range of technology, software, and services—from hosting to in-house systems, content creation services, help desk support.

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  • Smart ClassRooms

  • We offer schools digitally equipped classrooms with a huge variety of teaching and learning methods using the latest technology to create customized teaching and learning solutions blended with a wide range of first-rate classroom technology.

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  • Smart MeetingRooms

  • Your meeting room is the space where you take the most important decisions for the betterment of your company. Make it more intelligent, attractive, and cool with the state-of-the-art hardware and software tailored for corporate environments.

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  • Virtual ClassRooms

  • In this day and age, remote learnings require new and innovative methods of delivering rich and versatile audio-visual content. With the high technology products we hold, we ensure the most immersive solution to the demand of the new requirement.

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  • VirtualEvents

  • With over 20 years of event management experience, our team has evolved to adopt the cutting-edge virtual event strategy to deliver the most compelling, cost-effective, and appropriate for your business goals to maximize the engagement of your audience.

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  • Event Management Services

  • We offer fully personalized event management services such as Special Events, Meetings, Workshops, Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Product Activations and Launching ceremonies to maximize your stakeholder participation, leveraging our experience in managing large projects throughout history

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  • After Sales Service

  • STAV is an internationally accredited after-sales service center that offers a hassle-free service through on-site troubleshooting, providing backup equipment using authentic, manufacturer-certified parts preventative maintenance and repair to protect your investment and minimize the downtime.

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