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Chandra Senanayake


‘A corporate giant who single handedly established an unblemished business monarchy, Mr. Chandra S enanayake is highly respected among the industrial peers for h is unwavering principles and unsurpassed acumen. An exceptional p ersonality who created a time honored tradition of doing business in a famil y manner ,Mr. Senanayake is a frontier who made a valiant effort to make Sri Lank a an industrially sound and economically viable country through his visionary leaders hip . With decades of hands on experience and an abundance of proficiency on numerous secto rs, Mr. Chandra Senanayake ever shines as the guiding light that takes the group through the path of conquest.’

We began as a family b usiness three Decades ago, and it is my visio n that the organization we've grown into will con tinue growing in the same tradition of a family busines s, a family of employees who will contribute to the growth and success of the organization. I see it this way because I believe this to be the most satisfying and effective path to achieving the company's objectives. This organization will continue to develop the high performance potential of its family, thus maximizing the company's inherent strength and creativity in the diverse areas in which they serve, equipping them for quick, effective response to challenges of the marketplace.

Dushmantha Senanayake

Managing Director

‘A veteran and a dynamic personality in the audio visual industry of Sri Lanka,Mr. Dushmantha Senanayake possesses an abundance of knowledge and experience on the subject matterwhich makes him the giant force behind this diversified entity. With his inimitable style of managing with result driven strategies Mr. Dushmantha Senanayake is spearheadinga large group of professionals who are geared to deliver the best to the discerning clientele of Swedish Trading Audio Visual.’

Swedish Trading Audio Visual (Pvt) Ltd. is the only audio visual company with total A-Z solutions for the demanding customers. In sales, we specialize in selling of AV equipment, video conferencing systems, projection equipment, security systems, AV supporting systems software and so much more.

In terms of events, I would not argue that we are the best in Sri Lanka for the ultimate solution for any and every audio visual requirement. We do not see any competitors who could compete with us in terms of our product range and service.

Our customers and clients approach us because we have genuine products at a reasonable price to suit their need. We provide our clients solutions that exceed their expectations, therefore building a long term relationship with all of them.

Deepo Senanayake


‘With his solid academic background and expertise in the industry Mr. Deepo Senanayake steers the company with wise guidance providing invaluable insights which are critical in taking the company towards thefuture. His vast understanding on the audio visual products and solutions has contributed immensely towards the advancement of Swedish Trading Audio Visual.’


Today we are a multi-faceted brand. All that came about by being steadfast onto some basic principles of entrepreneurship: like assessing market inputs brought in by the ‘team’. Then it is a matter of interpreting, blending, developing and diversifying. That’s how we became the name in providing interior décor and furniture solutions to the blue-chip end of the market;became the provider of Mechanical& Electrical solutions to the Water and Sewage sector; seized the opportunity in value adding coco pith, coir dust and coco peat, what was once thrown away as waste, in bringing the much needed forex to the country and the same through the application of Nano - technology to coconut shells, in manufacturing activated carbon.

Dulith Senanayake


‘Representing the third generation of a prestigious business family in the country, young and dynamic Dulith infuses novel ideas and winning ways which perfectly goes hand in hand with modern day realities of the audio visual industry. Being the only Video Conferencing Engineer in Sri Lanka, Dulith is graduated in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Nottingham. He shares a wealth of knowledgewhich is instrumental forthesteep progress of Swedish Trading Audio Visual. ‘


When I took over the reins of Swedish Trading Audio Visual (Pvt.) Ltd., I was delighted to find how each and every one was working as a close knit family. That ‘team spiritedness’has been the back-bone of all our successes and it has being my overriding task in further strengthening that bond. With such ties that bind us like a family, the onerous task of charting innovative avenues, breaking new ground, being abreast with trends and technology in fulfilling the discerning desires of our loyal clientele at present and robustly seeking new prospects in the future, becomes so much easier.

Lasith Senanayake


‘A prudent personality with a clear vision on the business, Lasith plays a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of the company. Empowered with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College, London, Lasith applies his expertise in the best possible manner to take Swedish Trading Audio Visual to the next level.’


Swedish Trading Company, yet another arm of Chandra Senanayake Holdings, represents the world’s best brands to serve a diversity of clientele in the construction and industrial sectors. My objective as the leading service provider is to take the values of the ‘family company’ to the next level, turning the institution into a ‘knowledge hub’ of cutting edge technology, abreast with the future, to better equip the ‘digital age work-force’ of the country and to better serve our discerning clientele.

Harini Senanayake


‘A vibrant character with a flair for creativity, Harini provides right direction to a young team of professionals who aspire to be the best in the industry. As a BA Honors graduate in Management & Leisure from the University of Manchester, Harini is engrossed with fresh thoughts and practical solutions which pertinently lead towards the success of Swedish Trading Audio Visual.’


As the youngest member of the third generation representation in the company, I am very proud to be part of not just a heritage but a heritage brand that is the foremost service and solutions provider in the realm of audio and visual deliverables. And I bring with me the expertise that I gain from my academic background and overseas exposure to infuse innovation and vibrancy in to the arena of Event Management. Together with the experienced veterans we possess in showbiz, I am now spearheading a young team of talent to serve our loyal clientele even better.



General Manager

‘An easy going personality with loads of experience behind him Anuruddha is a pioneering professional in the television broadcasting industry of Sri Lanka. His expertise pans across Government to Private sectors and with broadened international exposure Anuruddha adds value to the company’s managerial process.’

Having served the TV Broadcasting industry from its inspection, then moving on to the telecommunication industry, serving both the public and the private sector, AnuruddhaGunesekara has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience and has spearheaded a matchless team that has captured over 90% of the broadcasting industry. Besides being the giants in the broadcast projects, the company pioneered the introduction of Video Conferencing in the year 2000. Their PA projects include the Parliament Committee Rooms, many a Provincial Council Conference Hall and the sound systems needed for the entire building complex in such councils. That is just one end of their peerless performance, today because of their sensitivity to market changes, having a pulse for new developments and their superior ability to surpass customer expectations, Swedish Trading Audio Visual (Pvt) Ltd, is the preferred choice by the corporate sector as well.


AGM ( Sales)


Whether it is for government institutes or corporates, we provide a one stop solution and a hassle free experience to all our discerning clientele when it comes to Multi Media Systems and system integration. With my background into marketing and the international training and exposure I have had in application based projects, during my 12 year stint with the company, we have being able to serve a diversity of companies with a wide array of applications. Among them are The Three Forces, Ministry of Education and the Race Course Project.


Senior Manager - Broadcast & IT


We have the distinct honour of being able to serve all the major broadcasters of the island –ITN and Rupawahini from their very inception. Our services range from providing Mixes, Professional Cameras, Video Servers to Unified Communication and Video/ Audio Conference Solutions. Also we are the leading provider of Character Generators and Tele- Prompters. For the sports industry, we are the sole supplier of Slow Motion Servers. But in this industry a lot depends on the personal touch and the professionalism that goes into handling hi-tech. Winning the satisfaction of People’s Leasing, People’s Bank and Distant Education Modernizing Project is testament to prove that we have got what it takes.


AGM Polycom


Carsons, Expo- Lanka, Brandix, Good hope, Virtusa, People’s Leasing, Sri Lanka Telecom … and the list goes on. When it comes to Swedish Trading Audio Visual (Pvt) Ltd. This diversity gets unified in the realm of audio and visual. For we provide them all with the expertise needed in AV integration and automation and unified communication, video conferencing, Voice/ video integrated data in their High-end board rooms, training rooms and meeting rooms.


AGM Engineering


When it comes to security systems, Special AV Systems, Wireless communication Systems, we take the entire operation under our wing –the supply, installation, commissioning and the handing over, which is done only after a comprehensive user training programme. This personalized approach comes at no extra cost to the customer. In fact when it comes to pricing, our budget sensitivity is hard to match.


AGM –After Sales Services


Whatever that we sell; our policy is to ensure the equipment is used and not abused. That is why during the period of warranty our customers get exposure through our team of professionals to its proper handling for better and longer life. We provide hints on trouble free usage trouble, maintenance procedures and precautions in handling sensitive areas. We even provide software upgrading free of charge. What matters most to us is the relationship that we serve and nurture.

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