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From Humble Beginnings to a Heritage Brand

         With 25+ years in the Audio-Visual Industry and the unrivaled reputation of delivering excellent and professional customer service, Swedish Trading Audio Visuals take place in the Audio-Visual Solution Industry’s leadership in Sri Lanka. We provide a propitious service of Unified Communication, Video Conferencing, Smart Meeting Rooms, Smart Class Room, Professional Audio Systems, Digital Conference System, Public Address System, Broadcast Solutions, Digital Signages, Auditorium and Concert Halls, Virtual Class Rooms, Virtual event, remote collaboration, 4k, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Streaming Media and so forth.

         The role and use of Audio-Visual technologies have gone from specialized use cases to the ubiquitous presence. From commerce, entertainment to education, the position and the influence of AV Technology is no longer limited. Swedish Trading Audio Visuals competent to all the specialized modern requirements with the guidance and expertise of our well qualified and experienced staff and the stakeholders. We assure you of the best solution by surpassing the stakeholder’s expectations.

         With a humble beginning, today, we have the most certified and experienced team in the industry who are focused on sharing our knowledge built up over two decades with our stakeholders by providing next-gen AV solutions through the adaptation of future proof AV Technologies. Our accomplished and most devoted team with mastered skills in the Audio-Visual Industry consistently satisfy the prerequisites productively with compelling arrangements utilizing 45+ International Audio-Visual Brands with the experience of more than 3900+ projects all around the country to create a long- term relationship with customers that can develop into long-term winning strategies and exponential growth.

Key projects involved, such as Parliament, Manelwattta Project, and Angunagopellesa prison, verify our company’s dominance. We, Swedish Trading Audio Visual, combine your vision and our solution with the latest technology to bring your vision into life.

Dulith Senanayake
Managing Director


To become the leading audio visual solutions and event management company in asia


To serve all our stakeholders and exceed their expectations by optimizing our potential through competency and professionalism by maximizing the use of state of the art technology


We serve all our stakeholders and exceed their expectations by optimizing our potential through competency and professionalism by maximizing the use of state-of-the-art technology.We are committed to satisfy applicable requirements and continual improvement of the quality management system


01 / Efficiently Multi Tasking


02 / Dedication


03 / Always Learning


04 / Smart & Fun


05 / Creative Rend Setter



Dulith Senanayake

Managing Director

Mr. Anuruddha Gunasekara

- General Manager-

Mr. Aflal Anvar

- Head of Sales -

Mr. Asela Ekanayake

- Head of Presales -


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