Solutions We Provide

Elevate connectivity with STAV's cutting-edge solutions—from seamless AV integration to advanced security and immersive telepresence—transforming your space into a dynamic, tech-enhanced environment.
AV system integration

AV systems integration

What sets us apart is how we design, integrate and support complex audio visual, telepresence and broadcast systems, getting the latest hardware and the software to seamlessly do what it needs to do at a price that is hard to match with the performance we deliver.

Public address systems

Simple PA systems, common in schools, churches, and bars, use many speakers for widespread announcements in public spaces—schools, stadiums, vessels, and aircraft. Intercoms, found in various buildings, feature speakers throughout and microphones in rooms for occupants to respond to announcements

Video conferencing

Video conferencing revolutionizes business, utilizing ample bandwidth for affordable, high-quality IP-based meetings. Our units deliver rich sound and DVD/HD video, enabling face-to-face interactions, eliminating travel hassles. We provide optimal video conferencing solutions, seamlessly integrating them into complete system designs or existing A/V setups for our customers.

Security solutions

We specialize in installing, upgrading, servicing, and maintaining Security Alarms, Access Control, Intercoms, CCTV, and 24/7 Alarm Monitoring. Our tailored solutions cater to various needs, from residences and small businesses to complex industries. Collaborating on large projects, we work with architects, builders, and consultants, ensuring comprehensive security packages, including pet-friendly systems.
Presentation and collaboration

Presentation and collaboration systems

Thinking of smooth-running presentations! Well, have access to collaboration technology you can rely on. If not, give us a call. We will show you integrated systems that combine state-of-the-art display and audio technology with a simple, easy-to-operate, control system.

Audio conference systems

STAV's top-tier audio conference systems connect 4000+ delegate units, facilitating large conferences. We have supplied major council chambers in Sri Lanka, offering features like interpretation, video tracking, broadcasting, and paperless multimedia conference units. User-friendly aspects include internet accessibility and fingerprint authentication.

Telepresence systems

Telepresence systems, advanced video conferencing tech, create immersive virtual meetings using HD cameras, large displays, and high-quality audio. Ideal for remote collaboration, training, events, and telemedicine, these systems offer benefits like reduced travel costs, increased productivity, and enhanced accessibility. In a connected and globalized world, organizations increasingly adopt telepresence systems to enhance communication and collaboration.

New media systems

New media systems are simply amazing to create, visualize and interact: but you need the experts to choose the right technology and have the right video content to make the experience dynamic and engaging. Just call us!

Broadcast systems

As tech partners for broadcasters and video production in Sri Lanka, we cater to every need, from small batteries to complex projects. In collaboration with global brands like Panasonic, JVC, Vitec Videocom, Anton Bauer, Ross Video, Grass Valley Group, Evs, Matrox, and Canare Cables.

Digital signage systems

- From single-screen to enterprise wide solutions, our Digital Media Group will design a truly integrated digital signage system. A full range of technology, software and services—from hosted to in-house systems, content creation services, help desk support and more
High definition broadcast and production systems

High definition broadcast and production systems

A service provider who is as well versed as us in the television and broadcast industry is hard to come by! Our very own network and in-house broadcast and production teams have the expertise to deliver the best solutions for high definition conversion, video editing, control rooms, studios, video servers and much, much more.